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    About Us

    The exterior of Quality Horticulture's Burnaby headquarters and warehouse.


    Quality Horticulture: 20 Years of Wholesale Excellence

    Since 1999, Quality Wholesale has grown and expanded as one of the leading horticultural wholesalers in Canada. Now also known as Quality Horticulture, we specialize in the import, export, wholesale, and distribution of products throughout North America.

    Celebrating more than twenty years of success and proudly Canadian owned and operated, Quality Horticulture services a wide range of businesses including commercial farms, greenhouses, and retail garden centers.

    Quality Horticulture is proud to represent a vast catalog of respected brands hand-selected by our experienced team. Our innovative and constantly growing product selection includes fertilizers, lighting, environmental control, grow mediums, pest solutions, and everything else needed for success in the horticultural industry, from hobby growers to genetic research centers.


    Celebrating Success Built on Integrity, Value, and Innovation

    Quality Horticulture’s successful track record over the past 20 years is built on three foundational pillars: integrity, value, and innovation.

    Integrity: Quality Horticulture is family-founded and these values permeate all aspects of our business. The products we distribute and the partners we represent are carefully curated based on shared values.

    Every aspect of Quality Horticulture’s operations reflect this commitment to conducting business with integrity. Whether it’s our diverse selection of trusted products or our staunch promotion of partners, Quality Horticulture’s focus is and always has been to support the success of everyone around us.

    Value: Quality Horticulture’s focus on value is three-fold: cost, long-term worth, and quality of service.

    Our well-rounded perspective places equal importance on all these factors. This means you can trust us to deliver the highest-quality products and services at the lowest prices, viewing it as both our responsibility and commitment to our customers.

    Additionally, our team collaborates closely with all of our customers and partners, ensuring they are always completely satisfied with the services and products they receive.

    Innovation: Our customers have grown to expect cutting edge solutions, which is why Quality Horticulture is always looking to expand our product line, allowing retailers and commercial growers to leverage the latest and greatest horticultural innovations as they emerge in the market.

    We also understand the need to seamlessly support our customers, aiding in the prosperity and growth of their business. Whether we're identifying the next unique solution for our customers or ensuring that our distribution system surpasses expectations, we are dedicated to facilitating your success.­


    Welcome to the World of Quality

    Join host Gene Principe on a behind-the-scenes tour at Quality Horticulture’s Burnaby, BC, headquarters.