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    Eazy Plug® Promo Materials

    Manufacturer: EazyPlug
    • Promotional materials to help growers and retailers get the most our of Eazy Plug products.
    • Eazy Plug brochure features product details, benefits and technical specifications.
    • Eazy Plug Workbook is an essential guide to maximize the benefits of the Eazy Plug line.
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    Eazy Plug is an innovative, stabilized, bio-based growing medium from The Netherlands, consisting of organic components bonded together to create a well-controlled growth environment. With the ability to precisely determine its pH and EC values, as well as its air-to-water ratio, Eazy Plug can be tailored to meet the specific demands of any grower or plant variety.

    The Eazy Plug System covers the full cycle of growth with its propagation plugs, sequential growing blocks, and pyramids. Despite achieving outstanding results through advanced engineering, years of practical experience, and exhaustive testing, they remain committed to continually striving for superior reliability and performance.

    Eazy Plug is now being utilized worldwide, assisting horticulturists in successfully growing their crops. It is biobased certified and obtained from TÜV AUSTRIA, a certification system based on the European standard EN 16785-1, which ensures an independent assessment of claims regarding biobased ingredients in products.

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    Q001070.jpg Q001070 Eazy Plug Small Brochure
    Q001071.jpg Q001071 Eazy Plug Workbook

    The Eazy Plug Workbook provides growers with an essential guide to maximize the benefits of Eazy Plug products and optimize their cultivation conditions, including:

    • Planning and Preparing for a New Crop
    • How to Use Eazy Plug with Clones
    • The Cultivation of Mother Plants
    • How to Use Eazy Plug with Seeds
    • How to Use Eazy Block
    • How to Use Eazy Pyramid
    • Using Drip Emitters
    • Analyzing EC
    • and much more