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    Integra™ Boost™ Humidiccant, 2-Way Humidity Regulator

    Manufacturer: Integra Boost
    • Patented two-way humidity-control technology.
    • Maintains relative humidity (RH) at or about 62%.
    • Extends the shelf-life of your harvest.
    • Preserves product quality and integrity.
    • Protects against mold and rot.
    • Individually wrapped.
    • Includes replacement indicator card.
    • Available in a range of sizes.
    SKU: P_00284
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    Integra™ Boost™ humidiccant packs extend the shelf-life of your harvest through patented two-way humidity-control technology. By releasing or absorbing moisture, Integra Boost maintains relative humidity (RH) at or about 62% in a contained environment, preserving the quality and integrity of your product and protecting against mold and rot.

    Available in a range of sizes, each individually wrapped Integra Boost packet includes a replacement indicator card. When the round dot turns from pink to blue it’s time to replace your Integra Boost pack.

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