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    Par-Far Monitoring Package With 30 Cm Cable

    This promotional package includes both an S2-141-SS PAR-FAR sensor with a 30 cm cable and microCache Bluetooth micro-logger at a special introductory price. When paired, these two devices are a powerful tool for monitoring photosynthetically active radiation with research-grade accuracy for optimal plant growth. The S2-141-SS PAR-FAR sensor is a unique two-channel sensor for measuring both the PAR (PPFD) and Far-red outputs of electric grow lights. The new AT-100 microCache (µCac

    Cloudline Quiet Inline Duct System

    Designed to quietly ventilate grow tents, transfer heating/cooling to rooms, circulate air, exhaust odors, and cool AV racks.Features an 8-speed manual controller utilizing PWM. See T-Series for temperature and humidity controls.Mixed flow design combined with a PWM-controlled EC motor for a truly quiet and energy efficient performance.Kit also includes corded AC power adapter, installation manual, and all necessary mounting h

    Airlift Shutter Exhaust Ventilation

    A high-airflow exhaust fan designed to ventilate out heat, moisture, odor, and dust from various spaces.Features an 8-speed manual controller utilizing PWM. See T-Series for temperature and humidity controls.Innovative EC-motor with PWM-control maximizes airflow while reducing energy consumption and noise levels.Features galvanized-steel shutters, aluminum blades, and IP-44 rated to be highly resistant to liquid and dust.

    Raxial Inline Booster Duct

    A duct fan designed to boost airflow in HVAC systems and ventilate home spaces like attics and workshops.Features a variable fan speed controller, enabling you to optimize airflow and noise level for any application.Unibody die-cast construction with no welded seams; reduces vibration while ensuring smoother airflow.AC brushless motor with steel blades and lubricated bearings; not suitable in restricted airflow applications.

    Cloudlift S12 Floor Wall Fan With Wireless Controller Fan 12

    A next-gen fan designed for precise circulation control for plant growth, finer shop work, or tailored comfort.10-speed wireless remote; smart digital PWM controls from silent, gentle breezes to high-velocity airflow.New innovative EC motor is quieter, more energy-efficient, and has twice the lifespan of AC floor/wall fans.IP-44 rated, heavy-duty build performs well in harsher environments with high humidity


    A fan controller designed to enable wireless speed control in AC Infinity fans for HVAC or growing.Remotely adjusts fan speed using PWM controls to produce optimal airflow and manage fan noise.10-speed programming featuring white LED indicators and backup memory that retains speed settings.Control many fans simultaneously when pairing the remote with additional receivers (sold separately).Fits the following AC Infinit

    Cloudcom Smart Thermo-Hygrometer W/ Data App

    A smart sensor designed to accurately give climate condition updates to maintain the ideal environment.Built-in sensor provides fast-refresh readings of temp. & humidity conditions and daily highs and lows.Connect to our app via Bluetooth for remote climate monitoring, alarms, data graphs, and CSV charts.Backlit LCD screen with desktop, wall, or magnetic mounting options to place and display anywhere.

    Australian Charcoal Duct Carbon Filter

    """Designed to eliminate odors and chemicals for grow tents and hydroponics room. Features premium-grade Australian charcoal with higher adsorption and longer life rating. Contains heavy-duty aluminum flanges, galvanized steel meshing, and clothed pre-filter.Enables maximum airflow passthrough for both intake and exhaust configurations.  Duct Opening: 10” | Length: 24"""" | """

    Ac Infinity Inline Duct Fan

    A duct muffler designed for use with inline fans in grow tents, bathroom fans and other HVAC applications.Features dual aluminum flanges to help absorb sound waves from fan vibrations and airflow.High-quality neoprene foam in an egg crate pattern that will reduce fan noise by up to 50%.Galvanized steel body that is corrosion-resistant and can withstand extreme temperatures.Duct Opening Diameter: 4 inches | Length: 15

    Ac Infinity Flexible Four-Layer Ducting

    Designed for ventilation applications including HVAC, dryer, grow rooms and tents.Four layer design makes it more durable and resistant to leaks, tears, and cuts.Steel-wire spiral structure is flexible and easy-to-install in hard to reach places.Constructed of Aluminum and thermoplastic, tube can be shortened for various applications.Ducting Size: 4” | Length: 25 feet | Includes two stainless steel

    Cloudlab Advance Grow Tent

    An advanced grow tent designed to create optimal climate conditions for year-round plant cultivation indoors.50% thicker steel frame inside a denser canvas and reflective diamond Mylar that prevents light leaks.Second chamber with removable tray and Velcro wall divided for plants in vegetative and seedling stages.Future ready design featuring controller mounting plate with passthrough for no light-leak cable

    Suncore Seedling Heat Mat, Ip-67 Waterproof

    A heating mat designed to accelerate and improve the success of seed starting and germination.Features an innovative far-infrared film that warms up faster, and distributes soft heat more evenly.Crafted with IP-67 quad-layer PVC that’s flexible, resistant to wear-and-tear, and easy to wipe clean.Verifiable UL (E518635) & MET (E115128) certifications for electrical safety thru online directories.10 x 20.75 in

    Heavy Duty Fabric Pots, 5-Pack

    Garden grow bags designed to improve plant growth by air pruning roots and draining excess water.Industry-leading thick nonwoven fabric is tearproof and provides insulation from inclement weather.Durable, rugged handles with reinforced stitching provide portability and greater weight support.Built-in metal rings enable midair hanging and twist tie passthrough for low stress plant training.True Capa

    Square Heavy Duty Fabric Pots, 5-Pack

    Garden grow bags designed to improve plant growth by air pruning roots and draining excess water.Industry-leading thick nonwoven fabric, nylon handles, and reinforced stitching for greater durability.Crafted with a true-to-size capacity while providing more surface area for roots to breathe and prune.Fabric loops allow plant stake passthrough to maintain plant structure and preserve the root zone.T

    Heavy-Duty Adjustable Rope Clip Hanger

    Designed to hang various grow equipment such as lights, fans, and filters.Easily clip and secure your gear using the heavy-duty carbineer hooks.Features a stainless steel locking ratchet to adjust the rope’s length.1/8” braided polypropylene rope with and zinc-plated steel hooks.Weight Capacity: 150 lbs/pair | Rope Length: 8 Ft | Pieces Per Pack: 12Product DescriptionThe rope ha

    Infinity Stainless Steel Pruning Shear

    A bypass shear designed to cleanly cut thicker stems and branches for quicker recovery and growth.Drop-forged steel blade that stays razor-sharp through extended use, crafted with precision-ground edges.Non-stick Teflon coating repels plant residue off the blades to reduce resin build-up and jamming.Improves comfort and reduces hand fatigue using spring-loaded handles with an ergonomic rubber grip.

    Ac Infinity Twist Ties

    Garden wire ties designed to progress vertical growth by fastening plants to garden support systems.Constructed of iron string wires encased in heavy-duty PE plastic that is flexible and stays bound.Non-abrasive rubber for cushioned plant support and handling while protecting stems from damage.10m custom cut length with high durability and weather-resistance, ideal for indoor and outdoor use.Versatile and reusable hom

    Ac Infinity Polyester Plant Trellis Netting

    A plant grow net designed to improve lateral plant growth and reinforce fruit and bud weight support.High-quality polyester with tearproof interweaving that can hold up heavy climbing fruits and vegetables.Non-abrasive 6x6” mesh provides plant stem protection while allowing ample space for pruning and picking.Versatile installation in A-frame, horizontal, or vertical array and easily cut to fit your gardening use.

    Grow Room Glasses W 3 Color Corrective Lenses

    A set of glasses designed to reduce eye strain by blocking UVA/UVB rays while working under grow lights.Lightweight, wraparound style frame provides complete coverage over your eyes and hours of comfort.Three sets of neutralizing lenses give color-accurate vision under all grow lighting conditions.UV 400+ rated and asymmetrically shaped to protect against intense brightness and eliminate distortion.

    Jewelers Loupe, Pocket Magnifying Flass With Led Light And D

    Eye loupe designed to reveal greater amounts of detail and improve clarity for inspecting small objects.Durable, lightweight build made up of a plastic housing and an aluminum case to withstand wear and tear.Includes primary 30x22mm 30x, and supplementary 60x12mm 60x zoom lenses for dual-level magnification.Two-way switch turns on ultra-bright LED lighting for each lens to enhance clearness of small details.

    3 Chamber Herb Grinder

    zz A manual grinder designed to produce finely ground pepper, general spices, and other plant material.Multilayer design grates spices to catch onto the mesh filter and collect fine grind in the kief chamber.Long-lasting, ultra-sharp teeth smoothly mills plant material during twisting for greater consistency.Aluminum alloy construction with a magnetic lid to store ground spices in a secure and durable case.

    Hanging Herb Drying Rack

    A mesh netting rack designed to preserve plant material by promoting even drying and curing.Durable polyester mesh with steel wireframe construction can support larger and heavier loads.Collapsible design with zippered chambers makes storage easy and keeps your drying goods undisturbed.Ideal for drying large quantities of plant material like herbs, buds, fruits, flowers, and seeds.8 Tiers | 24 in.

    Airplate Home Theater And Av Quiet Cabinet Cooling Fan System

    An ultra-quiet UL-certified fan system designed for cooling cabinets that requires minimal noise.Automated programming that self-adjusts cooling power in response to changing temperatures.Features a LCD display with an alarm system, display lock, six fan speeds, two buffer options, and memory.Fan and controller contain CNC machined aluminum frames with a modern brushed black finish.Dimensions: 11.6

    Airplate S2 Home Theater And Av Quiet Cabinet Cooling Blower

    An ultra-quiet UL-certified blower system designed for cooling cabinets that requires minimal noise.Low-profile aluminium frame is ideal where mounting space is limited or a smaller footprint is desired.Features a multi-speed controller to set the fan’s speed to optimal noise and airflow levels.Powered by wall outlet or USB port, included Turbo Adapter increases performance by 25%.Dimensions: 5.8 x

    Airplate Home Theater And Av Quiet Cabinet Cooling Dual-Fan System

    An ultra-quiet UL-certified dual-fan system designed for cooling cabinets that requires minimal noise.Automated programming that self-adjusts cooling power in response to changing temperatures.Features a LCD display with an alarm system, display lock, six fan speeds, two buffer options, and memory.Two fan units with controller, containing CNC machined aluminum frames with a modern brushed black finish.