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    Rooting Hormones

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    Stim Root 25G / 0.9 Oz

    The successful hormone formula that stimulates rapid rootings of cuttings.BENEFITSFormulated to encourage quick establishment of rootsFor general garden use, vegetables and flowersFEATURESStimulates rapid rootings of cuttingsRooting medium could be either solid (soil, peat, etc.) or liquid.INGREDIENTSGUARANTEED MINIMUM ANALYSIS :Indole-3-butyric acid (IBA) 0.1%Registration number 201

    Rapidstart 1-0.5-1

    RapidStart® is a plant nutrient used to promote root growth while enhancing plant vigor and yield. Strong root networks are linked to larger more vigorous plants. RapidStart® helps plants develop strong root networks. It can be used throughout the vegetative growth stage and in early flower stage to continue to promote root development.

    Olivias Cloning Solution

    Olivia's Cloning Solution is a propagating solution containing nutrients and micronutrients that promote strong and rapid root development. Olivia's works well as a hydroponic solution, soil or soilless mix cultivation. Use Olivia's as a transplant solution to eliminate shock.

    Rhizo Blast

    Rhizo Blast® is a proprietary formula that contains a blend of nutrients that helps root growth. Rhizo Blast® can be used with all grow mediums and is beneficial in hydroponic soil and coco coir gardens.

    Rhizo King

    GIVE YOUR ROOTS THE ROYAL TREATMENT!RHIZO KING - Root Supplement 1.15-0.5-1.15An excellent blend of seaweed, minerals and algae that will greatly enhance root development and increase the plants resistance to diseases. Healthy roots make for a healthy stem which makes for bigger yields. Let your plants have the strongest, whitest roots attainable.Benefits of using Rhizo King:Increases the plants resistance to diseases

    Roots Liquid Gel 50Ml / 1.7 Oz

    Roots Liquid Gel root stimulator is a rooting / fungicide gel used for propagating all types of leaf and stem cuttings. Using it ensures even coating and stimulates rapid root development.

    Grassroots Cloning Gel

    Grassroots is a top quality commercial grade rooting compound (0.40% IBA) blended with a high density gel to ensure maximum success rates in root development of plant cuttings. It supplies the cutting with the nutrition it needs before the root has formed. The process of cloning is made easier by the high viscosity of Grassroots - no mess, no spills, just easy dipping every time for precision planting. Use Grassroots even for delicate rooters: simply dilute with distilled water.