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    Zip-Zag Brand Bags

    • Industry’s only smell-proof resealable bags with patented technology.
    • Oxygen transfer rate akin to heat sealing, securing smells, air, and liquids.
    • High-tech vapor control tech preserves flavors and aromas, maintaining freshness.
    • Static-control plastic safeguards trichomes, preserving quality and potency.
    • Ultra-durable, puncture-resistant, withstands 100+ pounds of internal pressure.
    • UV protection shields contents from degrading UV rays.
    • Perfectly fit inside standard vacuum seal tubes.
    • Nests within other Zip-Zag products.
    • Reusable, washable, dishwasher-safe.
    • Made from 100% food-grade material, no harmful glues or solvents.
    • FDA, KOSHER, CFIA, QS compliant materials.